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Wine Clubs That Ship To North Carolina

North CarolinaSince 2003, wineries can legally ship to residents in North Carolina through an approved common carrier.  Shipments may not exceed two cases of wine per month to a single addressee, and the wine should be for personal uses only, as resale is strictly prohibited.  Retailer shipping is also not permitted at this time.  Here are our top wine clubs that ship to North Carolina:

Today, North Carolina is the tenth ranking state in grape and wine production. With over 100 wineries and more than 400 vineyards to its name, North Carolina is among the top five most-visited states for wine tourism. The state’s wine history began during the early stages of colonization, and the industry has continued to expand to this day. Notably, North Carolina was the first state to cultivate the Scuppernong grape, a native American variety known for its exceptionally sweet juice. The majority of North Carolina’s wines are produced from Vinifera varietals; however, French hybrids and Labrusca varieties are grown throughout the state with success, depending on the region.  From the mountainous northwest to the rolling hills and valleys of the east, North Carolina’s diverse landscape has been divided into three distinct American Viticultural Areas: Swan Creek, Yadkin Valley, and Haw River Valley.

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Interestingly, the Scuppernong is actually the state fruit of North Carolina. Originally known as the “big white grape,” the Scuppernong is a large variety in the Muscadine family. Typically green or bronze in color, 17th century colonists found the vines growing in abundance around river banks, leading one visitor to remark, “We have discovered…the goodliest soil under the cope of heaven, so abounding with sweet trees that bring rich and pleasant, grapes of such greatness, yet wild, as France, Spain, nor Italy hath no greater…” This resilient grape variety proved to be well-suited for cultivation in the state’s coastal plains, where a hot and humid climate makes it nearly impossible for Vinifera varietals to prosper.

Here is a selection of wineries in North Carolina, divided by region. For a comprehensive list, visit the NC Wine website.

Haw River Valley:

Yadkin Valley/Swan Creek:



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