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Rosé Wine Club

Offers come and go, and the 15 bottle offer from WSJWine Club is gone. But we've found these other Rose Wine deals:

While we can't exactly find a rosé wine club, WSJWine Club does have an offer now: a case of rosé plus 3 bonus bottles for under $90.

Rosé Wine Club

About Rosé Wine

Rosé wine originated in France (that's why we call it rosé; in Portuguese & Spanish it's called Rosado and in Italian it's Rosato). Rosé wine is also known as “blush.” It's gotten a terrible reputation thanks to super-sweet white Zinfandel but today, there's no shame in drinking rosé wine.

Rosé wine gets it color from the grape skins, but not as much is used as in red wine. Interestingly, when drinkers can see the wine they're drinking they tend to prefer those with a darker color (longer contact with the grape skin) but if the color is concealed (via a blind taste-test or dark wine glasses) drinkers tend to prefer the lighter rosé wines.

Rosé wines can be still, semi-sparkling or sparkling. All of the wines we received from the WSJWine Club were still; if you want all Sparkling wines, see our review of Vinesse's Sparkling Wine Club – but they won't all (or maybe not any) be rosé.

Rosé wine is typically thought of as sweet, but it can also be very dry. Most of the wines in the Rosé wine club from WSJWines are recommended to be paired with seafood, chicken or salad which indicates they're on the sweeter side but there are a couple whose recommended pairings are barbeque or spicy dishes (which would indicate they are not as sweet). A general rule of thumb is that old-world rosés (from Europe) will be drier than new-world rosés (from Australia, South America, New Zeland, US). The exception to this is Long Island Rosé wines, which reflect more of the old-world character and are therefore typically drier.

Made from all sorts of grapes (this shipment included Malbec, Primitivo, Shiraz, Sangiovese Blend, Grenache blended with Syrah, and Cabernet Franc), rosé wines come from various regions of the world (Australia, Argentina, Italy, and France in the shipment I received).

Personally, if I'm choosing a red wine I go for an Argentine Malbec but if you're tasked with grabbing a bottle of rosé, look for Provence, France. It's just a rule of thumb – no guarantees.

Rosé wines can be enjoyed close to their production date. All but one bottle from the WSJWine Rosé Wine Club (which I received in June of 2018) was a 2017 production and most were to be enjoyed through 2020. As someone who seems to stockpile bottles of wine in my basement, I need to keep this in mind and get through this case + 3 shipment in the next 3 years.

Finally, chill. Your wine, that is. Rosé wines should be served when they're chilled to the mid-40's. If you can plan ahead, put the bottle in the refrigerator for a few hours to get it near or below 40. If you're rushed, wrap the bottle in a wet towel and place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes.

Now that you know all about rosé wine, let's talk about the Rosé Wine Shipment from WSJWine Club:

About the Rosé Wine Club from WSJWine

The rosé wines from the WSJWine Club isn't a club in itself but rather your first shipment of the WSJWine Discovery Club. Valued at $245.85, this case of rosé is just $69.99 plus $19.99 shipping.

What's in the Box

The rosé wine shipment from the WSJWine Discovery Club includes:


  • J Opi Malbec Rosé
  • Collezione di Paolo Rosato (2)
  • Yarrunga Field Special Reserve Rosé
  • Pillastro Rosato
  • HJ Fabre Rosé
  • Domaine de Valgencelle (2)
  • Heritier Dubois L'Angevine Rosé (2)
  • Cabalié Rosé (2)
  • Chateau Terrebonne Provence Rosé (3 bonus bottles)


  • Tasting Notes
  • FAQ
  • Welcome packet

The Membership

After you've received your first shipment of 12+3 rosé wines, you'll receive another case of wine every 3 months for $149.99 (plus $19.99 shipping). You'll receive an email ahead of time so you can make changes to the delivery, postpone or cancel your shipments. There's no obligation to continue with your membership so if you just want 15 bottles of rosé for $90 (that's $6 per bottle – delivered to your door!) you can call WSJWine at 877-975-9463 and cancel your membership as soon as the first shipment arrives.


Shipping costs $19.99 and delivery is made 5-10 days after ordering. This offer is not available to residents of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island nor Utah but can be delivered to every other US State. As with any wine club, the delivery recipient must be over 21. It's always recommended to have your wine club shipment sent to your work versus being sent to your home.

Rosé Wine Club as a Gift

Giving this club as a gift is not easy; your best bet is to order the club and have it sent to yourself, then give it to the lucky recipient.


If you're looking to stock up on rosé wine, take advantage of this rosé promotion from the WSJ Wine Club and get a case of rosé, plus 3 bonus bottles, for just $69.99 plus s/h.


  • Only Rosé Wine Club we can find!
  • 3 bonus bottles of rosé wine with your first case (15 bottles total)
  • Comprehensive Tasting Notes


  • It's not really a Rosé Wine Club – it's a case of rosé wine as your first shipment in the WSJ Wine Club
  • Gets to be a bit pricey after the first shipment


You may cancel your WSJWine Club membership at any time by calling support at 1-877-975-9463 6 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time, Monday – Friday, or 8 AM to 8 PM Saturday & Sunday.

8.5 Total Score
Rosé Wine Club

15 bottles of Rosé at an unbeatable price!

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