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Cookies & Corks: Wine Pairing with Cookies

[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]Cookies & Corks White Wine Pairing[/custom_frame_right]When thinking about wine pairing, what comes to mind for most people is cheese, fruit, or dinner's entree. At Wine Club Group, we've talked about case clubs as a “wine tasting in a box.” 2 bottles of 6 different types of wine is ideal for hosting a tasting. However, you need food to serve with the wine for the best effect.

Tricia has written about Perfect Partners Cheese & Wine Pairing, but another option is from Cookies & Corks.

Cookies & Corks pairs (you guessed it) cookies with wine. You supply the wine, and they supply the cookies and pairing recommendation.

My friend and I were enjoying a Matt Iaconis California Moscato 2011 from Naked Wines one night, and remembered I had a box of Cookies & Corks in the pantry, so I brought it out and looked at my options.

White Wine Cookie Pairing

Moscato wasn't listed, so we guessed and chose to try the Ginger Molasses as a pairing. The wine itself was delicious, then we tried the cookie, and took another sip of wine. The wine completely changed! The sugar influenced the alcohol, and seemed to thin out the wine.

Why Buy Cookies & Corks?

Don't buy it for the cookies – they're just cookies.
Don't buy it for the wine – it's not included.
Buy it for the experience!

How Many Cookies Do I Need?

Each box of Cookies & Corks comes with 5 each of 3 types of cookie. A box, therefore, would be enough for 5 people. If you're hosting a tasting with 10 people, pick up 2 boxes.


A quick & easy way to host a wine tasting would be to pick up a mixed case from WSJ or Zagat or similar wine club, then add 2 boxes of Cookies & Corks White Wine Pairing and 2 boxes of their Red Wine Pairing product. If you're looking to enhance your New Year's party, they also offer a Sparkling Wine product.

Pick up a 3-pack for $21 at either Amazon.com or directly from Cookies & Corks.


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