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We’re here for one thing:  To Help You Buy The Best Wine Club With Confidence.

What you get from us:

  • Our experiences testing wine clubs.
  • Our reviews & ratings of wine clubs.
  • Our research of wine clubs.
  • Wine Club Discounts, deals, promo codes and coupons
  • Monthly Newsletter & Time-Sensitive Deals.

Wine Clubs Make The Best Gifts — And Are the Best Gifts to Receive!

When you are looking for a wine club for yourself, or as a gift — you can buy the best wine club with confidence.

  • Are you on a budget?  We’ll show you the best budget wine clubs, and keep an eye open for the current wine club discounts, wine club promotions and special wine club offers.
  • Are you looking to buy a gift for a client, a vendor, a boss, or a colleague?  (Yes – They’ll love you for it.)  Wine club is a special corporate gift that will set your business apart.
  • Red wine?
  • White wine?
  • California, French, Italian?
  • Like to sample different wines, but don’t want to waste time with all the trial and error?
Don’t get overloaded with all the wine club options:  We distill it down to the best ones, to keep your research  = simple.  (Want to get overloaded with wine club reviews?  Go ahead and check out all of our reviews!)

How We Rate The Wine Clubs.

We’re not scientists, but we do have a process.

First:  We catalog all of the best wine clubs.

Our database of wine clubs is quite extensive, and we spend a lot of time keeping it current and updated with pricing, deals, and the specifics of the wine club.

Second:  We buy the wine club.

Yep.  We shell out our own money to get the full experience, and to actually DRINK THE WINE.  (Sure, some smart wine clubs send us free memberships.  That’s always appreciated, but it never affects our review or rating.)

Third:  We discuss and taste wines and the wine club.

(This is the hardest part of the job of making this website for you.  We sacrifice for you.)

All kidding aside, we really do spend a lot of time and effort to give you a thorough and complete review of the wines and the wine clubs.

So – What are we looking for when we review and rate the wine clubs?

Wine Quality.

If you’re buying a wine club for yourself or as a gift, the most important factor is “Does the Wine Taste Great?”.  Who wants to buy bad wine?  You don’t need us for that.


Value doesn’t always mean the “cheapest”.  Value means “you get more than you pay for”.  Sure, we have the best budget or discount wine clubs and wine club discounts.  But, in general, when we say a wine club delivers high value — we mean that it’s a great wine club.

Verify Their Claims.

If a wine club makes a claim about their wine, they’d better deliver on that claim.

Verify The Company and The Fine Print.

One concern that many people have when buying a wine club is the “gotchya” recurring fee clauses.  We’re looking for that and many other elements of the fine print to be sure that you don’t get charged more than you expected, or get another shipment automatically sent to you with out your express knowledge and intention.  (Hey – we’re using our credit card to buy this, too!)

The Overall Experience.

When you’re giving a gift of a wine club, you want to be sure that the gift looks good, and makes the recipient ecstatic when they receive the first shipment of wine.  The packaging should look great, and of course, the wine better make it in one piece.

We don’t stop there.  We’re also looking for:

Wine Brands vs. Less-known Great Wine

Sometimes you want to buy or send wine that has a well-known brand.  Sometimes, you want to uncover those gems that don’t have the big brand recognition, but taste like a million bucks.

Customization Options.

Don’t want to be boxed into a wine club’s plan?  In certain circumstances, you want to customize your wine club membership.  Maybe you want to change the frequency of shipment, or the quantity of bottles per shipment.  Perhaps you refuse to try another Merlot, and need to be sure that your wine club membership can exclude Merlot?  (Sorry for the blatant “Sideways” reference.)

And of course, we’re ALWAYS LOOKING for Deals, Discounts and Special Offers or Promotions.

Mother’s Day Wine Club Deals 2016

Wine Club for Mom

Mother’s Day is May 8! You have just a couple of days to order mom a gift that is worthy of all that she has done for you over the years. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck on a gift that will […]

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Hug an Australian Day

Hug an Australian Day

It’s “Hug an Australian Day!” What a great opportunity for Eric, Todd and I to hug our favorite Australians (or at least whatever we had in the basement, or that Todd found at the wine store). Tricia found this Hacienda San Martin Mendoza 2011 Bonarda Malbec, which […]

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“You spilled wine on my carpet!” (and other Wine Fun, inspired by April Fool’s Day)

WCG Spilled Red Wine Prank from Amazon 600w
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Wine and Jelly Beans (They Can Go Together!)

Wine and Jelly Beans

We’ve done some pretty fun wine pairing posts in the past (Girl Scout Cookies, chocolate, etc.) and the upcoming Easter holiday got me thinking about jelly beans. Our Easter Bunny lines every basket with jelly beans plus fills up the egg hunt eggs with them, so we […]

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Wine Awesomeness Review & Coupon

Wine Awesomeness Review & Coupon

Wine Awesomeness Review Wine Awesomeness is a “more than a wine club,” calling themselves a “monthly journey.” They offer wine clubs containing all reds, all whites, or a variety pack (their most popular) filled with reds, whites and a rose or sparkling wine once in a while. Each […]

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Wine Country Gift Baskets For Easter

Easter Bunny Assortment

Wine Country Gift Baskets has dozens of Easter Baskets (some including wine!) that you can have shipped right to your door. Their Easter gift towers, cookie collections, Easter wine baskets and sweet collections with Peeps, jelly beans and soft plush Easter bunnies and chicks are priced from […]

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National Mulled Wine Day (March 3)

National Mulled Wine Day

Although we think every day is a great day to drink wine, today is even more special. It’s National Mulled Wine Day! Here in Indiana we are just on the verge of the end of winter, so it’s a great reason to have one last mug before […]

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New White Wine Option from The California Wine Club

White Wine Club

Big news from The California Wine Club! Last week we introduced you to the Simply Red Club, a new offering from The California Wine Club that features only red wines. Some of you asked…what about fans of white wine? Although it is not a full new club, […]

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New California “Simply Red” Wine Club – Budget Stretcher for Red Wine Lovers.

WCG CAWINECLUB Simply Red 200x200 logo

I just learned of a new wine club that is perfect for lovers of Red Wine, like me.  Better still, all the red wine in this club is from California.  (Double win.) It’s called Simply Red, and it’s the newest option available from one of our favorite […]

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DIY PVC Wine Rack

DIY PVC Wine Rack

Once you’ve gathered more than a couple bottles of wine, you’re going to need a wine rack to keep your bottles organized. If you buy more wine than you drink, like I tend to do, you’ll need a big wine rack. But they can be expensive! Being a DIY […]

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