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We’re here for one thing:  To Help You Buy The Best Wine Club With Confidence.

What you get from us:

  • Our experiences testing wine clubs.
  • Our reviews & ratings of wine clubs.
  • Our research of wine clubs.
  • Wine Club Discounts, deals, promo codes and coupons
  • Monthly Newsletter & Time-Sensitive Deals.

Wine Clubs Make The Best Gifts — And Are the Best Gifts to Receive!

When you are looking for a wine club for yourself, or as a gift — you can buy the best wine club with confidence.

  • Are you on a budget?  We’ll show you the best budget wine clubs, and keep an eye open for the current wine club discounts, wine club promotions and special wine club offers.
  • Are you looking to buy a gift for a client, a vendor, a boss, or a colleague?  (Yes – They’ll love you for it.)  Wine club is a special corporate gift that will set your business apart.
  • Red wine?
  • White wine?
  • California, French, Italian?
  • Like to sample different wines, but don’t want to waste time with all the trial and error?
Don’t get overloaded with all the wine club options:  We distill it down to the best ones, to keep your research  = simple.  (Want to get overloaded with wine club reviews?  Go ahead and check out all of our reviews!)

How We Rate The Wine Clubs.

We’re not scientists, but we do have a process.

First:  We catalog all of the best wine clubs.

Our database of wine clubs is quite extensive, and we spend a lot of time keeping it current and updated with pricing, deals, and the specifics of the wine club.

Second:  We buy the wine club.

Yep.  We shell out our own money to get the full experience, and to actually DRINK THE WINE.  (Sure, some smart wine clubs send us free memberships.  That’s always appreciated, but it never affects our review or rating.)

Third:  We discuss and taste wines and the wine club.

(This is the hardest part of the job of making this website for you.  We sacrifice for you.)

All kidding aside, we really do spend a lot of time and effort to give you a thorough and complete review of the wines and the wine clubs.

So – What are we looking for when we review and rate the wine clubs?

Wine Quality.

If you’re buying a wine club for yourself or as a gift, the most important factor is “Does the Wine Taste Great?”.  Who wants to buy bad wine?  You don’t need us for that.


Value doesn’t always mean the “cheapest”.  Value means “you get more than you pay for”.  Sure, we have the best budget or discount wine clubs and wine club discounts.  But, in general, when we say a wine club delivers high value — we mean that it’s a great wine club.

Verify Their Claims.

If a wine club makes a claim about their wine, they’d better deliver on that claim.

Verify The Company and The Fine Print.

One concern that many people have when buying a wine club is the “gotchya” recurring fee clauses.  We’re looking for that and many other elements of the fine print to be sure that you don’t get charged more than you expected, or get another shipment automatically sent to you with out your express knowledge and intention.  (Hey – we’re using our credit card to buy this, too!)

The Overall Experience.

When you’re giving a gift of a wine club, you want to be sure that the gift looks good, and makes the recipient ecstatic when they receive the first shipment of wine.  The packaging should look great, and of course, the wine better make it in one piece.

We don’t stop there.  We’re also looking for:

Wine Brands vs. Less-known Great Wine

Sometimes you want to buy or send wine that has a well-known brand.  Sometimes, you want to uncover those gems that don’t have the big brand recognition, but taste like a million bucks.

Customization Options.

Don’t want to be boxed into a wine club’s plan?  In certain circumstances, you want to customize your wine club membership.  Maybe you want to change the frequency of shipment, or the quantity of bottles per shipment.  Perhaps you refuse to try another Merlot, and need to be sure that your wine club membership can exclude Merlot?  (Sorry for the blatant “Sideways” reference.)

And of course, we’re ALWAYS LOOKING for Deals, Discounts and Special Offers or Promotions.

2015 Black Friday Wine Club Deals

Cellars Wine Club Black Friday 2015

Black Friday is here, and while many people wake up in the middle of the night to stand in line, smart shoppers know the deals are found online. Here are the current wine club deals for Black Friday 2015. As we find more, we’ll add them to […]

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Pairing Wine with Holiday Meals


When you’re entertaining family and friends for the holidays, you may clean the house to pretend that “this is how I live all year”. You also may contemplate the perfect meal for your guests, taking into consideration your past years’ hits (and misses), as well as the […]

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Club W and Duff Goldman Collaborate on Wine

Club W Wine with Duff Goldman

I’m a big fan of Chef Duff Goldman. When we took a trip to Baltimore recently, we drove all over the place just so we could sit outside the Ace of Cakes location (Charm City Cakes) for a couple of minutes and look at the building. Another […]

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Up to 40% Off Gold Medal Wine Club

Up to 40% Off Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club‘s Early Bird specials are coming to an end, and so are your chances of saving up to 40% on a wine club gift! From now until November 15th, you can save up to 40% off Gold Medal Wine Club gifts sent for the […]

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25% Off The California Wine Club

25% Off The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club has started their holiday promotion, offering gift-givers 25% off the Premier Series on gifts of 3+ months. The Premier Series is one of the top-rated wine clubs. Normally $39.95 / month, if you give a gift of 3 or more months you’ll save […]

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You can donate $5 for the Troops, without spending a penny


I just read about a new partnership between Operation Gratitude  (a nonprofit organization that sends care packages to active duty troops throughout the world) and Sutter Home Winery. In summary: Now through December 31, Sutter Home fans can show their support for this worthwhile effort by texting HOME to 89800. For […]

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Wine Tasting at Disney’s Food and Wine Festival

Wine and Cheese Palette

Because my love of all things wine extends beyond just wine clubs, I decided to check out the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival at Disney last week. I had been once before but it was many years ago and before I really got into wine. I […]

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HalloWINE – Pairing Wine and Halloween Candy

Pairing Wine with Halloween Candy

Halloween is just around the corner and you’re probably wondering: what wine can I drink with my kids’ candy? Fear not! We at the Wine Club Group have you covered. Here’s the candy we recommend you pair with your favorite wine this Halloween: When in doubt, “pair […]

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Free Bottle Bonus! (Limited Time Deal From Plonk – A Favorite Wine Club.)

WCG Plonk Fall Promo

We just got word from Etty Lewenzstain (the Founder, Owner and Chief Wine Sommelier of Plonk Wine Club) that she’s running a special deal on any wine club purchase where you get a FREE Bottle of Wine with the first delivery. This promotion is valid for purchases […]

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Affordable Wine Clubs of the Month

Affordable Wine Clubs

When I tell people that I belong to a couple of wine clubs, they immediately assume that I must be spending hundreds of dollars a month. In fact, I don’t even spend $100 a month total between my two favorite wine clubs. I like to always belong […]

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