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Everything Nice 2013 White Blend from Club W

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If you’re a fan of sweet wines (or would rather drink your cupcakes rather than eat them), Club W has a wine for you: the 2013 Everything Nice.

What is Everything Nice?

Everything Nice is a blend of five varietals including Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Riesling, and Malvasia Bianca which is sweetened when the fermentation process is stopped early, leaving sugars of the grapes behind. You’ll pick up the aroma of fruit cocktail, peach and citrus on the nose. It’s like a candied-fruit syrup when you drink it!

Pair this wine when eating spicy fruit dishes, cheese and honey, or just enjoy a glass as your dessert!

Where to find it

Everything Nice seems to be exclusive to Club W: this is often the case when a wine is sold as private label. So if you’re looking for Everything Nice, you’ll have to go to Club W. But if you’re looking for other sweet wines, don’t ask Todd – he hates them. Instead, read Tricia’s post on Sweet Wine Clubs.

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