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WinC Wine Club Review (formerly ClubW)

As more and more wine clubs come into the market, each is trying to find a way to differentiate itself. Club W is making its mark by being a leader in the personalized wine club space.

When you first visit the Club W site, you are asked a series of questions about foods, scents, and tastes that will help them develop your Palate Profile. Rather than just choosing “reds” or “whites” or even specific varietals, you will be creating a profile from which they will recommend a number of different wines for you. You then choose which of those wines you want included in your shipment.

Winc (formerly ClubW) customizes monthly wine deliveries to your tastes.  Starting at $13  bottle.

Each shipment is called a “Monthly Experience,” although you can choose how often the shipments are sent. 3 bottle shipments will cost you $6 in shipping but shipments with 6 bottles or more are shipped free. Most of the wines available cost $13, making them a nice middle range price.

When you receive your first shipment, you are encouraged to download the Club W app to find tasting notes and also rate your wines. You can find the same information on the website, but the app is handy. Rather than receiving written tasting notes, you will find them all electronically. In addition, you can watch a video for every bottle of wine, and the video will explain more about the wine and how to pair it.

After you rate your wines, your Palate Profile will be updated so that every subsequent shipment can be even more personalized. In addition, you can see if you can reorder any of the wines that you previously enjoyed.

7.8 Total Score

Receiving wines personalized to your palate helps ensure you will love every bottle that you receive.

  • Personalized to your taste
  • Low/no shipping costs
  • Interactive website and app
  • Gift certificates are only gift option
  • All wines in same price range

If you want to send a Club W Wine Club gift, you will need to do it via gift certificate. You can choose either email or postal mail. The postal mail option is on nice embossed paper. Your recipient will then create his or her own Palate Profile and be able to order wine recommendations based on that profile.

Visit Club W to take the FREE Palate Profile Quiz.

Winc (formerly ClubW) customizes monthly wine deliveries to your tastes.  Starting at $13  bottle.

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    Mary Blackwood July 16, 2019 at 2:46 pm

    We love our wine deliveries. However, I need to skip this month. How do I make this request?

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