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The (Original) Wine of the Month Club: Vintners Series Review

The Vintner Series from The Wine of The Month Club (R) is a way to step up to a broader opportunities of delicious wines.

Quick Summary:
Choose 2 bottles of Red or White, or One Bottle of Red and One Bottle of White.

“The Winemaker's Passion”.
$31.95/month + Tax & Shipping
(Arrives at around $41/month)

When you send it as a gift: Arrives at around $44/month

You can choose your delivery frequency, too. Once a month, every other month or once a quarter.

More Details

The most recent addition to our family at the WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB, the Vintners Series gives you an opportunity to experience wines in a price range that offers a wider variety of grapes and growing regions.

All the wines in each club are guaranteed for quality and value, and THE VINTNERS SERIES widens the spectrum of flavors. Each winery and winemaker has a personality to their wines. Like a chef, through their training and education, each winemaker carries a philosophy about wine throughout their wares.

THE VINTNERS SERIES highlights these selections in its monthly delivery. You'll naturally find wines from the classic regions of the world: Napa Valley, Bordeaux, the Loire, Tuscany and Australia… but then again, you might get a gem from Hungary or New Zealand. Maybe even a gorgeous Chardonnay from Virginia! I once watched in amazement the pruning of the vines in Millbrook, New York in the dead of winter in 3 feet of snow… talk about labor of love!

Each month you will receive 2 pre-screened bottles shipped to your door. One will be red and one will be white (or choose red wines or white wines only). There is no blueprint for the origin of the wines, although I do try to choose one domestic and one import. Buy with confidence and excitement as you are about to embark on a journey of wine appreciation through THE VINTNERS SERIES.

These wines are the winemaker's passion wines he has representing his work. Compare with wines you might see at a wine shop for $18.00-$20.00/bottle. Monthly subscriptions are never more than $31.95 per month for 2 bottles, plus shipping & applicable taxes.

The Vintners Series, by the Original Wine of the Month Club, gives you an opportunity to experience wines in a price range that offers a wider variety of grapes and growing regions.


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