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The (Original) Wine of the Month Club: Limited Series Review

The Limited Series from The Wine of The Month Club (R) is a way to get amazing hard to find, delicious wines.

Quick Summary
Choose 2 bottles of Red or White, or One Bottle of Red and One Bottle of White.

“The Special Occasion Wine” Wine Club.
$41.95/month + Tax & Shipping
(Arrives at around $51/month)

When you send it as a gift: Arrives at around $54/month

You can choose your delivery frequency, too. Once a month, every other month or once a quarter.

Learn more about this great company and their other wine club options here.

More details:
Now you can experience “Special Occasion” fine wines as a member of the Limited Series from your WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB.

“Super Premium Wines at less than Premium Prices.” If you appreciate the delicate subtleties of a fine premium wine, the exceptional special occasion selections you'll find in THE LIMITED SERIES are bound to please. You'll receive two remarkable limited production treasures, 12 times a year. Because these hard-to-find boutique wines are in such short supply and are typically not found in stores, this may be your only opportunity to experience their remarkable character and taste. Your pleasure is fully guaranteed.

Make no doubt about it. The remarkable wines waiting for you in THE LIMITED SERIES are exceptional by anyone's standards.

Why do we call them Special Occasion? Simply because these are the finest examples of classic collector wines that most enthusiasts hold aside for special occasions.

More expensive? Yes. But. . . The only true test to determine whether or not a particular wine is exceptional or memorable is to experience it yourself. And each month, our panel of distinguished wine authors and critics do just that. In fact, during the course of a single year, our panel of distinguished wine authors and critics tastes and compares more than 1200 different wines! Only the very finest examples of the premium quality wines are selected for THE LIMITED SERIES.

These are wines that represent the upper tier of the wines that we taste. Wines that are limited in availability because of their pedigree. Compare with wines in your wine shop at $25.00- $30.00/bottle. Monthly subscriptions are never more than $41.95 per month for 2 bottles, plus shipping & applicable taxes.

The Limited Series by the Wine of the Month Club offers "Special Occasion" fine wines each month.


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