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You want to send a wine lover an amazing gift?

These are our recommendations.

When sending wine as a gift to a friend or business coleague,
you want to be sure you send great wine they’ll enjoy,
in a presentation that will impress.

Choose from our Recommendations Below.  Your gift recipients will enjoy high quality, delicious wine in gorgeous packaging.

The Best Overall Value in Wine Club Gift Giving:

Monthly Clubs logo

The Premier Series from MonthlyClubs.com

***** MonthlyClubs.com

This wine club is great as a personal choice and even better as a gift.  The Premier Series from the MonthlyClubs.com delivers estate-bottled wine each month. Each shipment comes with 2 bottles of wine ranging in value from $15-25 a bottle. Plus, receive “Cellars Notes, which include suggested pairings, vineyard histories and more. (read more)

Visit WineMonthClub.com

The Best Wines from California:

The California Wine Club Premier Series

***** By The California Wine Club

As great gift for those who favor California wines, you’ll be sending the best the state has to offer. Choose each month from either a red and a white, two whites, or two reds. The recipient will also receive Uncorked, The California Wine Club’s magazine-like newsletter. In it you will find recipes, features on the wineries, trivia, and more. Uncorked is like a gift in itself!

Wines are personally selected by the owners of the club from artisan wineries across the state. Wines from The California Wine Club all come with a 100% guarantee, and we haven’t had one yet that we didn’t like. Send every month, every other month or even once a quarter to stretch out the gift as long as possible.  (read more)

Visit CAWineClub.com

The Best Packaged and Most Popular Gift of Wine:

Gold Series Wine Club

*****  By Gold Medal Wine Club

A super-popular wine club for gifts, this program features delicious red wines each month and includes a newsletter that details the wines, winery, and winemaker plus suggests recipes to pair with the wines.

This is our #1 rated GIFT Wine Club, and is a tremendous value.  So, if you aren’t sure what to send as a gift to a wine lover, then you should stop looking and simply choose this amazing wine club.  (read more)

Visit GoldMedalWineClub.com

The Best “Wine Regions of the World” Gift of Wine:

International Series Wine Club

*****   by The Gold Medal Wine Club

Before Napa Valley, the world had traditionally looked to France for its top notch wine.  Of course, other famous wine regions like Spain, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Chile and Argenta each have their own wine specialties and flavors.

Travelers and explorers have enjoyed these culturally-influenced and climate-determined wines for decades, if not centuries.  With the International Series, you can explore these top wine regions without leaving your front door!

Each delivery provides THREE Bottles of delicious wine and includes a newsletter that details the wines, winery, and winemaker plus suggests recipes to pair with the wines. (read more)

Visit GoldMedalWineClub.com


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